Best Toll-Free Number in Australia

Best Toll-Free Number in Australia

Getting smart numbers for your organization is an excellent means of attracting a vast market. These numbers allow you to provide free calls and manage your telecommunications better. The two toll-free number service providers in Australia are the; 1800 numbers and 1300 numbers Australia. Each of these numbers offers many features and services that come at a different cost. You should consider all avenues before making a decision.

The 1300 numbers are popular with businesses that are seeking to expand their local clientele. These phone numbers comprise of ten digit virtual numbers that are exclusive to Australia and Malaysia at times. Any caller dialing these numbers from a landline within the country incurs the same rate as one making a local call. This is because the costs of the call are shared between the business being contacted and caller. Calls from mobile phone numbers are charged according to the network rates of the caller.

The 1800 number is a toll-free one; the caller incurs no charges for calling the business. It comprises of six virtual numbers that come after the 1800 code and is ideal for companies aiming at an overseas clientele base. Users of toll-free numbers benefit from several other additional features such as unlimited conference calling, IVR, call recording, and time-based routing at no extra 1800 number cost.

Whether you opt to buy 1300 number or the toll-free one, it is essential that you consider all the associated costs, features and benefits beforehand. The service providers also offer several smart plans for each number. Get more information on this before making a decision.

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